Life Group Leader


Life groups are vital in building godly community for the attendees of our church. Though we receive good Bible teaching at the church building on Sundays, we believe it is in a small intimate community where life change really happens. A life group leader is in charge of leading/facilitating bible studies within the home of an IBC attendee or at the church during the week.  


The primary goal of a life group leader is to help create an environment for life change where attendees become mature disciples of Christ.



  • Lead by example by caring for those in your group. This means being able to listen and connect with others through compassion, humility and putting others before yourself. 
  • Carry out the Life Group Guidelines and Agreement . 
  • Be well prepared to lead and facilitate discussion for assigned Bible study curriculum. 
  • Report weekly attendance and updates (if needed) to church leadership. 
  • Call people within your group to care and continually invite them to meetings. 
  • Delegate responsibilities to members of the group (ex: ask someone to send a weekly reminder e-mail, organize meals, etc).
  • Organize social events and serving opportunities for your group. (For areas to serve you can find suggestions at our missions page or attend our monthly Serve Saturday events).
  • Recruit and mentor future Life Group leaders within their group.
  • Regularly seek feedback from your group and ask "How can we make our group better? How can I lead/serve the group better?" 
  • Multiply your group after 10-12 months or when a group averages over 15-20 attendees for a time.
  • Advertise your group at the "Connections Fair" or when needed.   


  • Must be approved to lead a group by the church leadership. All leaders are encouraged to go through the Discovery classes and Group Leader Training before or soon after being assigned a Life Group. Classes are offered regularly throughout the year. Just ask the welcome table to see when the next one scheduled. 
  • Must be dependable and reliable.
  • Must be organized and able to delegate responsibility.
  • Be able to facilitate discussion in groups of 10-15 adults. 
  • Some basic computer skills required to report attendance and group updates. 

Time Commitment:
5-10 Months

Our Life Groups typically begin in August and meet regularly until the end of May with a break during Christmas and New Year. Some groups still meet socially during the months of June & July and then pick back up on a weekly basis in August. The main request we have is that once a group begins a cycle they would carry it through until the end of the study. 

This position would report to Pastor Joe.