Life Group Host


Life group hosts are vital in developing community and lasting friendships here at IBC. The only qualification is that the person be willing to welcome IBC attendees who live nearby into their home once a week for a period of 5-10 months (or longer if you desire). The host is not responsible for teaching or leading the group but if you are interested in leading, please click here for more information.

While in your home, the group will discuss a series the church is currently studying together and how it applies to every day life. All we ask is that you be hospitable and friendly to those who come into your home or area of residence. 

If you are interested in hosting, please contact Pastor Joe and let him know the following details:

  • Your area of residence (Santa Ana, Heredia, Atenas, etc). 
  • The day and time you would like to meet. 
  • Directions and contact information. 
  • How many people you can host.
  • Do you prefer English or Spanish? 
  • Are young children welcome in your home?
  • Would you prefer to have a specific group of people in your home? Some examples might be: Single Adults, Women Only, Men Only, Young Families, Couples without kids, Empty Nester's or anything you feel comfortable with.

Thank you for opening your home and helping us grow our community!