Spanish Interpreter


Interpreters make sure our Spanish attendees are able to understand the Sunday service clearly and accurately. They help bridge the communication gap between our English speaking services and Spanish speakers every Sunday morning. 

To provide clear, understandable English to Spanish translation to those who only speak Spanish at IBC during the Sunday services. 




  • Translate one service per month at either the 9am or 10:30 Sunday Service.

  • Operate and connect the translating equipment (no experience necessary).

  • Receive the sermon outline and notes the day before and briefly prepare for the sermon.

  • Clearly communicate your availability and unavailability for a service with the Translation leader.

  • Find a replacement for yourself if you are scheduled to translate and are unable to commit. This must be done well in advance by one week if possible.


  • Must be fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • Must be dependable and reliable.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Good listening and hearing skills.

Time Commitment
6 months to 1 year. 

Contact Pastor Jose for any questions.