Gospel Project classes serve the purpose of educating our congregation in how to study and apply biblical teaching. All our classes -which range from children to adults -are taught the same lesson so that families can go home and discuss what they have learned. No matter where you are in your walk with God, whenever you attend a Sunday School class you will be presented with a lesson from the Bible and learn how to apply it to every day life.  See our schedule below for more info. 


Life Groups provide a more casual environment for people to connect in homes or at the church during the week. This is an opportunity for people to build stronger relationships with others at IBC and serve together as a group in your local community. 

To find a Life Group near you contact Pastor Joe at or view our current groups here. Before attending a group please be sure to contact the leader beforehand to ensure meeting times.

ladies bible study

Sunday class schedules

  • Sunday Mornings @IBC at 9am:
    • Room 102: Adults in Spanish
    • Room 103: Adults in English
    • Room 203:  Youth in English (Ages 13-17)
    • Room 201: Children's Church (Ages 7-9)
    • Room 202: Children's Church (Ages 4-6)
  • Sunday Mornings @IBC at 10:30am:
    • Room 103: Adults in English
    • Room 203: Youth Spanish Class (Ages 13-18)
    • Various Rooms: Children's Sunday School Classes ages 4-9

Want to Help? 

If would like more information on a particular group please contact the IBC offices at 2215-2117 or Pastor Joe at If you are interested in becoming a Life Group leader or teaching a Gospel Project class, you can find more information here.