What are the services like?

Both of our services include singing, a time of welcoming one another, scripture reading, prayer, a sermon, a time of responding to God and an offering. We also include multi-media and an occasional drama. Both of our services are essentially the same. They are a blend of contemporary and traditional songs usually led by a full worship band. Our services are in English, though we occasionally do songs in Spanish or another language.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

No. Everyone is welcome. Every Sunday we have people who are just investigating the claims of Christianity attending our church. Occasionally, we have people from other religions attend. Though we are Baptists, many people who attend represent a wide spectrum of denominations.

How can I serve?

There are many ways to serve at IBC. Many of these ministries a person can serve whether they are a member or not. Feel free to connect with Pastor Joe at to find out about more opportunities to serve at our congregation.

How should I dress?

However you are most comfortable. Most people who attend our church dress casual. Some people dress more formally and some of our people like to come in native attire from their country.

How can I become a member?

We believe membership is a great way to be connected and to serve the local body. At IBC to become a member, one must be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and have expressed that through believer’s baptism by immersion. If one meets these requirements, they may attend a New Member's Class and fill out a application after completion. Classes last for several weeks and are offered various times during the year. Just ask at the person at the welcome table in the church when the next class is offered and someone should be able to help you.