High School Youth Leader


One of the biggest challenges churches face today is helping our young people stay involved with a church once they graduate from high school and leave for college. Our goal at IBC is to help prepare students for life after high school by creating environments which promote godly relationships and solid bible teaching. Since we are a volunteer driven organization and do not currently have a Youth Pastor, we are asking that RAGE volunteers mainly help with teaching our Sunday classes in a way that is relevant and engaging for high school students. 


Youth Leaders at IBC are responsible for providing practical Bible teaching on Sundays and quality time with teenagers whenever possible. 



  • Be passionate about teenagers and willing to participate in occasional social activities.

  • Commit to teach Sunday School one or two Sundays a month during the 9:30 a.m service.

  • Commit to attend Sunday School as a helper at least once a month whenever you are not scheduled to teach.

  • Properly prepare and deliver the assigned Sunday lessons in an organized and relevant manner. You can go here to see the curriculum we use at IBC.

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class in order to organize your class and activities.

  • Attend IBC worship services regularly.

  • Help to plan and organize occasional social events with other RAGE volunteers.

  • Attend Quarterly RAGE volunteer meetings.


  • Be a church member by attending Discovery classes. Classes are offered several times a year and please see the welcome table to see when the next one is scheduled.

  • Regularly attend worship services when available.

  • Sit and observe our youth classes for several weeks before serving as an official teacher. This way you get a understanding for what we are looking for in our teachers at IBC and determine if this ministry is for you.

  • Come recommended from other youth or teachers at IBC.

  • Be dependable and reliable

  • Have some prior experience teaching youth or serving in a youth ministry.

  • Set a good Christ like example for students to follow.

Time Commitment:

One year of service (but we would love it if you could do more).  

This position would report to Pastor Jose.