Children's Helper


Sunday School teachers put a lot of effort into planning an engaging and practical lesson for our children throughout the school year. However, even the most experienced of teachers can become overwhelmed with a room full of little kids needing their attention. It is only right that parents support our teachers by assisting with whatever extra duties necessary to provide a fun environment for our children to learn biblical values. If you have children involved in our Sunday School program (or just love kids) we invite you to see if being a children's helper is for you. 


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Be committed to serve for at least 6 months(July through December or January through June)

  • Find a substitute helper for the occasional Sunday when you are not available.

  • Be prompt and dependable. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before class starts to help parents check-in their children and escort kids to the sanctuary for the first 15 minutes of singing.

  • Help escort children around church facilities.

  • Help to check-in and check-out children.

  • Assist kids with crafts and games.

  • Assist with clean-up of the room.

  • Alert parents of any problems with kids during service.

  • Any additional duties the teacher may have.

This position would report to Pastor Jose.